Got a SailfishOS license for that?

I buy used phones and put in better stuff than what was on there, before handing them out or selling at cost.
To keep it interesting, I put SailfishOS on the devices that support it, but buying more licenses seems contrary to my original aim of getting as many devices out of shelves and ultimately landfill.
Particularly the stuff that just needs parts replaced commands a very low price beforehand.
I currenty have two devices more than I have licenses for.

TL;DR If you got a “Buy one get one free” campaign voucher" and want to PM it to me, I (onto someone else) can make use of it :slight_smile:

Edit: If I somehow end up with too many licenses, I am happy to pass them on to others doing the same :slight_smile:


how do i submit the license code?


You can send it to me here via PM, or e-mail it to

not sure how these things work, but I have license for X and for XA2 that have already been activated and used, that I’ll probably never use again. Would be great if someone else could use it, nut I think I read somewhere that it’s not possible, (can’t separate it from email address or something)…

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right, i got one too… maybe ask jolla support if they can transfer them.

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Unfortunately the Jolla business strategy answer is to send your devices to landfill by breaking them, and then being free to transfer the licenses.

I got no answer asking for a license for myself there once because I have done a lot of translations for Jolla and many of the apps in the ecosystem. Best of luck.
In some sense you shouldn’t waste their time, but more importantly it should be your license to do with as you please.

It is at the end of the day a business decision, so if it starts costing them money in support it will stop.
I think it would mean more SailfishOS in the wild, and less SailfishOS in shelves and reduced administration transferring it from broken devices to new ones.
In any event, if it isn’t tied to a device it should work without the middleman.

OK, We have a code, but meanwhile I installed the trial version thinking there was a way to upgrade without reinstalling. Now I am not so sure.

as far as i understand the process:

you just need an account (mail-address) and if the buy the license for that account,
once you use that account on your phone and open store you will see 3 more apps:

  • text prediction
  • android support
  • exchange support

and that’s it. no need to re-install
but you need to have an account / e-mail.
so there is no way of ‘installing’ licensed sfos before passing on the device.
you can pass on the device with free-version and include the code.

my 2 cents

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Well, you could get some free email adress, register with it and pass it to the user together with the device.

I am trying to keep it above board without any trickery. The exercise is to not bend around backwards to get around limitations imposed by OEMs in the first place :slight_smile:

Got the license up and running on the xperia 2, but I don’t know if that route grants 64-bit support.