Google play /microg pre-installed?

I have installed sailfish 4.3 on my xperia 10 and tried an app that was complaining about the need of google play services and stopped immediately on a different device that had plain lineage os.

Here , on sailfish os, it is running without any issues. As i did not change/install anything to the sailfish x

Is there any microg or play services pre-installed?

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hmm, then i wonder why the app is working, thanks!

Maybe you found a different version of the app, or it really meant to complain about an unsigned system (which did get fixed/added in 4.3).

Some Android apps display an error message saying they need Google Services Framework (GSF) to work, but will often work just fine if you simply dismiss the error message. Microsoft Teams does this, but I’ve yet to find any of its functionality that doesn’t work under Sailfish. Other Android apps will similarly complain, and 90% will still work. Slack is like this - it all works fine except notifications. Othet Android apos won’t work at all. It varies a lot.

Many of those apps probably want to receive push notifications and registration to Google’s push notification server fails. So they switch to polling mode and show a custom warning.