Google Camera Go

I’ve made Google Camera Go mod with all features unlocked and tested it on my XA2 running latest SFOS with opengapps.

Available camera modes:

  • Filters (Sepia, mono, negative, posterize, aqua)
  • Portrait​
  • Photo ( with HDR and night mode )​
  • Video​
  • Translate ( aka Lens) - take picture of text and see translation​

Additional settings:

  • Timer (off, 3 seconds, 10 seconds)​
  • Photo aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9)​
  • Grid type (off, on)​
  • Save selfie as previewed​
  • Save location​
  • Storage location (phone or SD card)​

Must say that it works flawlessly so far, with night mode and HDR show promising results!

Original thread is here but here is a direct download link if you just want to jump straight into it :slight_smile:

App might work with no google services at all but currently I have no way to test that so give feedback if it works or not. I might invest some time to de-google it in my spare time (this will also remove the “Translate” mode which personally I couldn’t care less for).

Bear in mind this is only the first version where I only focused on unlocking all features that were locked for specific devices. In the future I plan to add XA2 specific optimizations for better quality pictures.

I also plan to acquire Xperia 10 II and enable multi-camera support. But given the price tag of X10 II this will have to wait.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


I tested on XA2 Ultra with without GAPPs and it does work! Nice

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I tested on XA2 Plus with and GAPPS and works very well.

HDR mode could be better, it’s not that different from normal mode at the moment, and is noisy, I think it’s taking only one picture in that mode, the ideal would be three.

Night mode is working very well.

Great job, thank you very much!

Yeah, bear in mind that Google intentionally kept default configuration values for “non whitelisted” devices pretty low as Go flavors of apps usually target extremely limited phones (1GB ram, low res cameras etc.).

I’m now working on making photo quality better. XA2 should be quite capable of producing decent looking photos due to 23MPx lens.

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Video Recoding just gives me green stuff on screen. Pictures looks cool though. Thanks

I somehow missed the garbled video :thinking: I’ll look into it. Thanks for the feedback!