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Hi! I’m trying to debug some of the issues related to builds with @sashikknox godot builds. Now, he’s farther along (3.5.1) which ‘might’ adress some issues, but I’d like some feedback for the 3.2 builds I’ve done, since some odd reports have come in. In the main, that builds work fine on the xperia 10ii but touch input is broken on the 10 iii . I test all builds on vollaphone and 10ii otherwise, I wouldn’t release them :slight_smile:

So far I’ve had 2 reports from 10 iii users that input is broken.

anyone with a bit of time, please try:

Molecules | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System
Balldrop | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System

Please note which phone/port/sfos version you’re using. Thanks!

In Balldrop on X10iii/aarch64/, no input is taken.

I can launch the app, and a screen with a couple of bouncing dots appears, but no amount of tapping or dragging or swiping seems to have any effect.

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Molecules works fine AFAICS, but I find it very hard to play as the gaps/distances to unfriendly blobs are very small, so I can’t direct my blob very far until it dies. I.e. a game session lasts about three to ten seconds or so.

I feel this game should start out in smaller “resolution” to facilitate the imprecision of finger-operated touch screens.

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quick tap, followed by long hold?

Ok, this is something I can look at adjusting. Keep in mind, you just need to drag lightly anywhere behind ‘your’ molecule where behind is the direction you want to move away from. It can be anywhere on the screen.

Molecules works fine on my xperia 10 iii.

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I don’t want to waste your precious time, but could you please test balldrop as well? thanks!

Aha, yes, got it now.

So scratch that original comment, it all works as it’s supposed to.
And the description at the start matches it.

It’s just that intuitively I thought I should draw (so drag) lines instead of giving two points using two gestures.

Still, I think some feedback about user input would help, something like

  • mark original tapped point
  • on long press, draw a temporary line
  • allow endpoint adjustment by dragging while pressed
  • on release, draw final line
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Yes! That was the original version :slight_smile: I turns out that with multi-touch / drag input it was not behaving as expected. One ‘should’ be able to a: detect pressed, b: discern dragging and c: detect release gathering the Vectors as one goes. Turns out it’s not that simple. BUT, I aim to get back to ‘drawing’ at some point. This is a compromise :frowning:

Your description about covers how it should work. What’s ALSO missing is the ability to delete lines. Because they are so fine, it’s virtually impossible to detect touches on them and dragging across them hasn’t worked till now either.

So, stuff to do :slight_smile: Thanks for testing!

Yes, balldrop works as well on Xperia 10 III.

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Thank you! Back to work.

Molecules works well on xperia Xz3

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Moleculas, confirm, 10iii looks work properly

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