Global search (App launcher by keyboard search?)

On iOS and optionally on KISS Launcher on Android I can swipe down from the middle of the screen to get a search box and keyboard open instantly to search for app names to launch. I would like to have the same on SailfishOS as I have difficulties finding my apps (considering they get arranged in order of installation) and I don’t manually sort apps much.


I think it’s generally called ‘global search’, and I think Palm/WebOS started it, (I like to take opportunities to plug the best OS to-date so far). It’s very handy. I’m not enough of a dev to do it, but I sense that it wouldn’t be difficult …

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Thank you, I updated the subject to include that while keeping the original one in brackets with a question mark in case it’s helpful for people who don’t know the word. I don’t think either KISS Launcher or iOS names it (unless it’s Spotlight or something similar Apple-specific).

It looks like there were at least two threads on this at TJC: