Global search (App launcher by keyboard search?)

On iOS and optionally on KISS Launcher on Android I can swipe down from the middle of the screen to get a search box and keyboard open instantly to search for app names to launch. I would like to have the same on SailfishOS as I have difficulties finding my apps (considering they get arranged in order of installation) and I don’t manually sort apps much.


I think it’s generally called ‘global search’, and I think Palm/WebOS started it, (I like to take opportunities to plug the best OS to-date so far). It’s very handy. I’m not enough of a dev to do it, but I sense that it wouldn’t be difficult …

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Thank you, I updated the subject to include that while keeping the original one in brackets with a question mark in case it’s helpful for people who don’t know the word. I don’t think either KISS Launcher or iOS names it (unless it’s Spotlight or something similar Apple-specific).

It looks like there were at least two threads on this at TJC:

i do support that. just wanted to create a thread on that, after search for audio recorder for 2 mins in my launcher :slight_smile:
and i have only one page + 12 apps

I only recently made a comment on that issue on the Openrepos page of the launcher app “takeoff”. This app could probably extended easily by an" interactive mode" since it includes a search function and the launch mechanism already.
Just a guess.
There used to be an arm32 app in the official jolla store but it’s broken and the developer doesn’t seem to show any further interest.

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It’s something that I also miss, I tried to start an application, but lack of knowledge I didn’t get a correct way to start the apps.

My App, had a very primitive list of applications, taking all the .desktop files from the “ApplicationsLocation” parsing all the .desktop files, to extract icon (not working in most of the apps) and the name of the application.

But I get stuck trying to launch the application, I look at the storeman source code, and also investigated about the lipstick how to lunch it, but I didn’t found any way working, and I ended discarting it.

If somebody wishes to help or have the knowledge, maybe I can try to finish it.


I just check the code, build and runed it, and seems working, all apps launch!


  • Icons not working
  • You can start an app multiple times

But maybe, I can try to publish the code when I’ve got 5 minutes, and the builds, that way maybe we are lucky and somebody can start helping?

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If anybody is interessed, here is the project:

You can find the downloads here:

When I will have time, I will try to submit into chum, and do some improvements…

I hope this app will be usefull.