Gigaset GS5 with French carrier


I would like to buy a Gigaset GS5 to replace my Jolla 1.
I found one with an interesting price on Amazon ( but unfortunatly it says that it is not compatible with France.
I couldn’t find any information on multiple version on Gigaset website. Do you know if there is multiple versions ?
Does someone have any experience with a GS5 and a french Carrier (Orange, Sfr, BT, Free) ?

Despite some reboots are necessary to see the Sim cards (many countries), the GS5 128Gb (avoid the lite one as it has bootloop issues) is recognizing my RED-SFR SIM as well as a Swiss Swiscom SIM.

I also used my GS5 in France last year with Orange being the most common Roaming provider. 4G

For more RAM search for Rephone on and find the 149 Euro ‘like new’ returns. from seller novendu novendu® | eBay Shops

The rephone is a bit ‘thicker’ (about 1 mm) than the GS5. But it’s nice to have the extra RAM.

Thanks for the info about french carriers. It is good news.
Unfortunatly novendu only sell in Germany, but I will keep looking on if I can find a rephone.

I didn’t find a rephone on, but I have found another german vendor on which sends to France : nesatec_gmbh. I paid 149€ and the phone is like new, I didn’t find a scratch or stripe.
@poetaster : Thank you very much for your advice, I’m very happy.
I just received it yesterday, so it is still using Android 11 (awful :wink: , sailfish is so much better to use) but this week-end, as soon as I found the best method to flash a rephone I will do it.

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Just to let you know here too, with 4.5.0.x video recording is a bit broken. Looking into it now. The other small things that are not working are the, mostly useless, BLE (for smart watches) otherwise, great phone.