Ghostcloud Additionals on aarch64 devices

I installed Ghostcloud on my XZ2c but I can’t install Ghostcloud Additionals (the 64bit version provided by Karry):
“Problem: nothing provides ‘’ needed by the to be installed harbour-owncloud-daemon-0.9.5-1.aarch64”.
Is there a solution for this?

I believe that is not limited to Tama devices, it’s the same on 10iii/4.4/aarch64.

I have built something here:

with these changes, which basically just disable the sharing plugin:

Does this mean it’s possible to install Additionals? And I know nothing about OBS, how can I get an rpm? Thanks for helping with this.

Yes you should be able to install that. It just won’t have the Sharing plugin, just the daemon and whatever else comes with Additionals.

(Note that if you haven’t disabled Sailjail, you won’t be able to activate the daemon from Ghostcloud proper. You need to launch Ghostcloud at least once with Sailjail disabled to set it up.)


To download from OBS, go to the repo for your version and arch under “build results” on the right, and then to that build’s “download repository”.
In this case there are only builds for “latest” SFOS version, which is 4.4.0.x at the moment, and the three supported archs.

e.g. packages for aarch64 are at

Download the RPMs from there - again for aarch64 that would be

(In theory you could also add that repo to your device using ssu, but I strongly urge you not to do that as that is my OBS playground and many things can and will break at any time.)

Do you plan to make it available in Chum?
I like Ghostcloud a lot - but i am using only manual sync right now. A daemon in the background for picture backups would be nice…