Get rid of opt kf5 libd

a while ago i have installed kt5 libs via chum
now i do run out of space
i can not uninstall then via chum due to dependencies there and there
any hint how i can get rid of it from cmdline ?

rpm -e name of app --noscripts

Not sure about dependencies but have used the above when patches used to get stuck uninstalling or wouldn’t go.

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hey removed the libs, phone still boots :smiley:
however it saved me only 150 MB

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I use this command to track down where my free space goes:

du -d 1 -m | sort -n

Happy hunting :slight_smile:

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All the libraries and angelfish are about 290mb. My home folder has over 7GB of space used :slight_smile:

My systen data ob volla has 250mb left after cleaning

Ah, that’s the GS290 original Volla, or? It was a bit tight. I remember moving (sym links) some application data (Stelarium) from /usr/share/appname to .local/share but haven’t had that issue since moving to GS5/rephone.