Get another (Linux-) E-Mail client?

I have a maybe stupid question: which Linux distribution does SFOS correspond to? Even if the kernel or libraries are probably the same, the folder structure differs somewhat between the versions.

Background of the question is the desire to get the email program favored on the desktop to work also under SFOS. Is such a project possible in principle?

Advantage of claws-mail is that it does need only few ressources and encryption (in conjunction with gpg) works great.

The history of SFOS is complex, and the short answer is that it is based on none of the classic distros. Although for taking over packages, devs often start out from the OpenSuSE build files.

Maybe due the QT-Runner-Project?

Isn’t SFOS something out of Debian/Ubuntu? Would really be very interesting to link back to it’s roots and make it more compatible with it’s origin.

Erm, no, not really.
Anybody who is interested in the complicated, sad and fascinating history of SFOS can start here:

And then follow the pages about the derivatives: MeeGo - Wikipedia

Here’s a picture:


For the question for structural similarity, the answer is “Fedora in 2007 - 2009”, which was the foundation for Moblin, which in turn was the structural base for MeeGo (only a few pieces of software came from Maemo5, e.g, SSU), which was the direct predecessor of SailfishOS.

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claws-mail is based on GTK instead of Qt. While in theory both speak wayland to communicate with the compositor, in practice the Jolla compositor only implements a old set of wayland protocols. GTK does not support these but rather only a different set of old protocols and a few modern ones. Implementing/extending something like QtRunner to support newer protocols is likely involved.

Then you would need to package the whole GTK stack, lots of tiny packages.

Finally I don’t know if claws-mail uses libhandy or similar to implement a reactive interface or if you would need a magnifier/scrollbars.

There are ways to run Ubuntu or similar in a container with a window containing a separate desktop but I don’t think that would feel very sexy


Note to self:

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Sounds great! :star_struck: What to do to install this?

It’s not mobile ready :slight_smile: It is in QT though, so it might be a contender for us: PIM / Trojitá · GitLab


But then, why not: KMail - KDE Applications


Maybe is an option.


Cool. Way off the radar for me! Looks like kde with minimal deps. kmail has a LOT of deps :slight_smile:

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But now I have started a discussion.

Actually I am looking for a program for SFOS, similar to claws-mail (Linux) or FairEmail (Android). IMAP enabled, encryption and simple design. In case of need also html-capable.

However, I do not want to install Android support - that costs too much power and the battery of my Xperia 10 is empty faster.

Tested KMail on laptop (Ubuntu Linux), a nightmare for me.

According to Dev environment setup - Kube, it requires qt5 and some additional packages, from which some might also be found in related repositories (e.g. OpenSuSE or Fedora). However, I have no idea what “sink” is.

@Inte sink is a framework for syncing data. uses kcalendercore and contacts. dist/sink.spec · master · PIM / Sink · GitLab

I started with: dist/kube.spec · master · PIM / Kube · GitLab

Having gone through all the spec files which kube depends on, it’s a project which might be suitable in the QT 5.15 context

Sadly , I failed (well, c++20 in 2 packages didn’t help) in creating packages for kaidan and realized that I’m not willing to invest the time. But, maybe it’s one for @rinigus who has the tooling

Personally, I don’t use email on the phone much.

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Sounds promiscuous and I which I had more time!

I tested Kube on Desktop for a while, and it’s a cute little email client.
However I dropped it because some missing features - don’t remember which exactly but it’s a very “WYGIWYG” (what-you-get -is-what-you-get) design, not a power user tool.

So, might be suitable for mobile use wrt. feature set, but for me it wasn’t adequate on Desktop.

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You mean:

vserver mail enter
grep -h Subject: /var/vmail/*