Get 10 iii or iv?

Hello guys,
I’m in need of a phone and I have wanted to try the sailfish os for a long time now (last time I used it was on intex aquaphone). There’s a 10 iii for 279e, and a 10 iv for 330e currently, and I was wondering if there is any information on if the 10 iv will receive the sailfish os port?
I don’t know if the cpu is that much better on iv, or if there’s anything holding me from just buying the iii for now

In some ways the specs for the IV are not as good as for the III. USB on the IV is downgraded to 2.0, for example.

Check out the spec sheets to see more.

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There is no SFOS for the 10 IV (yet?), neither is it announced. So maybe 10 IV never will be supported …


I would buy 10 III. Jolla isn’t in the good position right now to add support for yet another device (sponsporship issues) and also, 10 III isn’t still out of beta.

And as 0nn0 mentiones IV is almost the same as III (Slightly faster CPU) but has some drawbacks as well


Iirc sony open devices supports the 1 and 5iv. This looks like the first time the 10-series might not be supported by sony. In that case jolla cant do anything anyways

No, but the 5 is missing from the website though (but present on github).
Bu that doesn’t change anything. A port is a couple of months, plus a release cycle away, at the closest.

Well, it may be. in that case there will be a gap as there will be a shortage in the next 15 months, making it increasingly difficult to purchase the new 10iii.

strong recommendation for 10 III unless someone says sailfish for IV comes tomorrow. But it’s not going to happen, so…

The Sailfish + 10 III s absolutely brilliant, works good as perfectly functional daily driver and its sure to still have a long life.


Yeah if you can get a III. Or to save some money an II

Thank you all for the replies. I decided to buy the 10 iii. Can’t wait to test sailfish out >.<

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the 10iii was a big upgrade from the 10ii, but i’d say the jump to the 10iv is insignificant. go for the (better) supported device.

Xperia 10 IV (XQ-CC54) is on the list?

A device being on Sony’s Open Devices list is only the first step. There’s no guarantee that Jolla will start a new adaptation for this device. Even if they do decide to start an adaptation for 10IV it needs to work without problems and be usable as an adaptation and it takes a long time. For example the 10III was unveiled by Sony in April 21 then entered the OpenDevices in the summer and the adaptation for 10III (lena) started being investigated in October 2021 as seen here: GitHub - mer-hybris/droid-hal-sony-lena and Sailfish OS became available like May 2022 or so. In short 10IV is not a supported device for Sailfish OS and will not be unless a repository with the codename (murray) (10IV Sony’s internal name) shows up in the HAL adaptations. That would be an indication that Jolla actually works on an adaptation for this device and still not a guarantee that it will be functional in the end and so on. That’s a very long way of saying 10IV is not supported and does not look like it will be supported. So if one wants to use Sailfish OS 10III is the only option out of the 2.


and frankly the 10iii is an excellent handset.
it had many valuable updates over the 10ii, including larger battery, USB3, 6GB mem.
it is harder to say that the 10iv is a useful ‘upgrade’ over the 10iii.

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That is actually very helpful. I just got such a good price on a 10 iv that it is a shame it probably won’t be supported. Oh, well. Need to be looking for a good price on a 10 iii or find a camera for my XA2 Ultra.

i don’t see why it won’t receive support, there is nothing to suggest that jolla won’t continue to support every device in sony’s midrange.

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Well, there is the thought about nothing being prepared for it yet. I hope you are right, though.