Generic BlueZ Host Qualification

There was an email on the bluez mailing list:


I created a discussion in github in attempt to gather information
about companies qualifying BlueZ and if they would be interested in
having a generic Host Stack Qualification:

Generic Host Stack Qualification · bluez · Discussion #817 · GitHub

Some of the benefits would be that not only companies can reuse the
same listing on their products but we actually could attempt to do
more automation and use the qualification process to stabilize the

Note: If you appear in the CC is that because you have contributed to
BlueZ and your company has a qualification listed in the discussion

Note 2: I would suggest not start with discussions about how to fund
the qualification, or who shall be the company in the listing, since
for that we might want to involve the likes of Linux Foundation.

Luiz Augusto von Dentz


I just not understand what exactly is the benefit of this exercise, when you have only limited support on the android side.
Also the KDE/QT implementations are nice in theory but prone to failure in reality. To me it is a miracle it works most of the time.