Gemini PDA calling experience

I recently bought a Gemini PDA 4g enabled with the intent of flashing sailfish and using it as a primary phone. I read about the drawbacks and was sure I could get along with them. Unfortunately, I encountered issues never being mentioned that prevent me from using sailfish on Gemini as a phone in general.

  1. Call volume is not adjusted with a keyboard’s volume+ and volume- keys. They are indeed mapped because the call volume slider moves appropriately, but it does not have any effects on the volume itself. Default volume i set very high, pretty close to loudspeaker level, so its hard to put the phone to your ear.
  2. The microphone and speaker used are on the same side, making the other party complain about the call quality. I have read on the forum that this bug was present but fixed at some point.

I was using the newest build, Does anyone use Gemini as a phone and encounter similar issues?

Best regards