(gallery) exclude music folder

It has been reported multiple times since day one but this still hasn’t adressed on 4.5, so i am asking it again

Please please please, exclude the music folder from the gallery app, as the gallery view really become that messy

I find it odd since i have a ton of music and such in ~/Music/ and they don’t show at Gallery view.

Maybe you could try placing .nomedia at that directory?

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I think the issue is possible album covers showing up in gallery.

You could implement the covers into the tags of the tracks and remove the .jpg or whatever from the musicfolder.

Exactly, my music is stored anyway, in ~/music, but on the sd card

Right, but most of my files are flacs and oggs, and the default player has a bug that does not read embedded art for some formats (day 1 bug never solved)

Empty file titled like this?

Jip, empty file named “.nomedia” (Without the quotation marks :wink: ) in the folder.

P.S. If you want to exclude everything from a folder from being scanned, you can put an empty file named “.trackerignore” in the folder (As far as I know).