Gallery doesn't show screenshots

I reset my XA2 for some reasons. After that the screenshot tab in Gallery stays empty. New screenshots are saved in the correct folder, but don’t show up in the app.

This happens with all is versions. I was on Rokua before reset, but reset sets the phone back to Sipoonkorpi… This behavior doesn’t change if I update to Rokua (what at least must be done in two steps).

Looking for possible errors I tried that four times now, always the same. How to get the screenshot view back in Gallery?

Lots of media files (pictures, music,video…) on device / SD?

Did you reboot after update?
Did you let the device on over night with charger?

@jollaadmin: how soon is soon™ TJC gets merged?
Solution of this on TJC:

Not really. Roundabout 320 photos, 40 videos, mybe 60 screenshots. All on SD. Phots and videos appear, but screenshots don’t. Refreshing DB and also restart didn’t solve this. And it’s just screenshots - new taken photos and videos show up, screenshots don’t.

I’ll try that charging over night, lets have a look if this changes anything.

I wasn’t aware you could configure screenshots to be stored on SD. Where is that option?
The only thing i can find is tricking the system by symlinking from the regular place…

If it should in fact work without symlinking; have you tried resetting the tracker with Sailfish Utilities?

Funny thing is that it works now - don’t now why. Difference to prevoius tries is that I imported a backup this afternoon after another reset, but the screenshots just apperared now… But they are all in Screenshots folder under nemo->pictures. And also new screenshots are shown now.

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Tracker is a fickle beast. :slight_smile:

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As @attah rightly points out, tracker is the culprit here. Have experienced this once or twice on Rokua. A quick reset of tracker usually sorts these problems.

You can use Sailfish Utilities from Jolla Store to nudge tracker into action or you can do the same thing in terminal using the following command; tracker reset -e - either way, depending on the amount of media you have, tracker can take up to 1 minute or more to show any signs of action in Gallery, in Mediaplayer, etc.

In many cases, simply rebooting your device causes tracker to rescan media

sometimes you can find your recent stuff at the very bottom :))