Galery or Galerie (in french)

I use SailFish os on a Xperia 10 Dual SIM.
When i insert SD card, i see must images because Galerie display all files that same image.
My old smartphone was a Lumia 520 with Windowphone 8 os. On my SDcard (32 Go) I have more directories as:
CoursPhp and Documents contains files .php OK
Pictures ans subdirectories :
Camera Roll with WP_…jpg files OK
Sample Pictures empty
Saved Pictures with my interesting pictures *.jpeg OK
Screenshots empty
WhatsApp 10 files .jpg OK
Music and subdirectory AudioRecord with Subdirectory Files and my files
.mp3 OK

MapData with subdirectory diskcache and files *.cdt, unique_id.txt and updater.nma create by Galerie or SailFish
discache contains subdirectory BundleStore with subdirectories 00, 01, … FF and PACKAGES and files *.TMP
every subdirectory 00 or 01 … or FF contains files *.D00 *.D14 … and *.STL
these files are tiles of MapCard
I have all the country of world. 22,5 Go of maps.

Playlists empty
Videos empty
WPSystem ???
WhatsApp with files *.jpg OK
contacts.vcf my old contact list (no use OK)

I have very problems:

  1. Galerie try to display pictures on directory Pictures (OK) but also more files on directory Mapdata !
  2. I would like re-use MapData with SailFish os. I think that MapData is Here or Nokia product
  3. I think that WPSystem can be erase if I can reuse MapData

Can I help me for best usage on my SD card with SailFish ?
I have installed File Browser for display all files on Xperia or on SD card. I can connect for USB to my portable on Linux Debian 10.

Your post is hard to read.

  1. common issue, as tracker indexes whole SD card.
    You need to put a hidden file there on each highest subdir you do not want to be indexed.
    As I always forget which file I just put both


This will tell tracker to not index media files in that subdir.

About 2
I do not know, maybe you can reuse them with the Android Here application?

And 3?
No idea what WPSystem is.

But you should have a look at PureMaps on and using OSM map data!

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  1. is a good idea. I will applied. I hope that application Galery reinitialize index.
  2. I can try with Android Here. I know OSM map data but its mandatory connect on web server. I would like use the map data in memory SD card for avoid to connect. I look at PureMaps on
  3. its probably old applications used by winphone os. When I can store and use map data on my SD card, I will delete this old directory.

ad 2:

exactly what PureMaps and OSMscout is about

There is also a patch/application available with patchmanager, which allows to blacklist locations for the Tracker:

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So your actual problem is simply that some data files from HERE that you formerly used on your SD card are mistakenly displayed in the Galery?
If you don’t mind me saying : You original post is digressing a bit :wink: Could you rename it also to make the title reflect your problem better ?
Maybe this topic is more for the Beginners category than Applications?

You can try if HERE works with this data under SFOS and ignore these files as decribed above using the .nomedia file. Or use OSM Server from OpenRepos in combination with PureMaps as suggested above. Although I suspect that the offline maps of Here are much smaller in size when compared to OSM Server’s offline ones.

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