Galerie doesn't work

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): constant
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): OS (Verla)
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): Xperia X
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): YES


Only Fotos and Monitor pictures are available (active)
Videos and Android-Speicher are inactice, not selectable
Videos did work in previous version


no special conditions


  1. constant


for Android , to see the pictures of App Threema that has an own picture folder


not selectable


(Please ALWAYS attach relevant data such as logs, screenshots, etc…)

Try resetting the gallery:

  1. Go to menu Settings > Developer tools.
  2. Tap on " Developer mode " to turn it on.
  3. Run the Terminal app
  4. Write: tracker reset -r
  5. Press enter
  6. Choose yes to remove the database.
  7. Wait a small minute so the database can find the images.
  8. Look in the gallery,

This does not erase any media files, only the Gallerys knowledge of those files, witch gets rebuilt under a minute.

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I did it as listed, but it didn’t help.
I have tried it before with the utilities.
Old handling before update.
Galerie shows 3 item and they are selectable
With newest software:
Galerie shows 4 items, but only 2 are selectable

My phone notices when i put an image under

  • /android_storage/DCIM/*
  • /android_storage/DCIM/Camera/
  • /android_storage/Pictures/$RandomWord/

But NOT under

  • /android_storage/Signal

If I delete all screenshots is becomes

Screenshot folder →

I did something wrong, because my first look at galerie was confusing. In the older software all 3 items were highlighted and selectable even if the folder was empty and that is different now.

I need it working with a folder /android_storage/Threema

To end up galerie is working.
Thanks for your help.

It looks like Threema is is similar to Signal, in that case i do not think there is any point for tracker to index that folder, since pictures and information is not stored in a readable format (encrypted).

When i choose to store pictures from Signal to the phone it gets stored in /android_storage/Pictures/
Maybe Threema works the same way?

Ihave created a folder like Threma does and put in a picture. This picture is not found by tracker.
At the moment I can live with this function, but I hope it will get a change.
So I close my reply.
Thanks for Your help.