"Fund your app"

There where some discussions to allow paid apps in store. Purism goes the other way, they announced “fund your app”. I find this a good idea. Look here if you did not hear about it yet.
What do you think about it? Is it a good idea? Should Jolla think about something similar?

It’s basically donations accepted along with the phone preorder? (That get put into a pool for the app you select?) That’s a bit late for a mature system like Sailfish OS. I do agree SFOS as a platform needs something, but i’m not sure how this applies. Please do expand on it if i missed the point.

Edit: oh, it’s for Purism to develop apps with extra budget, not a open/merit-based pool. Interesting idea. Not sure how i feel about it. Many of the apps are related to proprietary services, so the only real option is Android apps, which we already have. Any specific deficit you see this could take on?

VoLTE, Complete backup, Nextcloud Notes, native SIP integration are a few that came to my mind in the first minute…


I think a direct support of the developer is better. From my point of view developers should more proactively request financial support. I.e. I would be willing to pay something for a.native matrix app. But who is out there who will.do taht, I do not know.

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It depends on the apps we want to have when talking about implementing these by Jolla or external developers. All things related to Nextcloud for example would benefit from the already system wide implemented Nextcloud account data, so in this case it would be better if Jolla does the job. Especially syncing Notes, Tasks (we still need a tasks app in general on Sailfish!) would be such sync, perhaps even documents, and implementing Talk into Messages or Phone App would be very cool. Phone Track would also be nice.

But other apps not related to already implemented system features (like accounts) may be better in the hands of independent Dec’s.

Nevertheless I would be willing to pay some money for features I want - as well to independent devs as also to Jolla itself (hey Jolla Team, what about a better camera app and support for better devices like Xperia 5 and 1 (or better their II-Version when these will join Sony’s open device program)?