Function keys in terminal?

Just wondering if there is a way of “pressing” a function key in the terminal?

I installed htop but along the bottom of the terminal window it days “F1=Help F2=Setup … F10=quit”.

I’m not stuck trying to do something, asking just to increase my knowledge of SF!

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Install ToeTerm from openrepos, it has function keys row (edit: not sure if by default, if not visible check the layouts in settings, english extra is the one, you can switch between active layouts by swiping left or right over spacebar)


Indeed, there’s function key support in ToeTerm! Please note this however:

That may affect other apps, too, but plain Fx keys should work fine!

Does not solve the underlying problem, but instead of top you may use htop, which includes a patch which switches the F keys to alternatives when run in fingerterm: