Fruux contact sync not working

Fruux contacts sync is not working. Calendars work fine, but no contact appears in the contact app. I even entered the optional addressbook url.
Any idea how to fix or to setup?

Seems to be solved automatically; contacts started syncing yesterday…

Might be the address book path needed. I just added my new 10III device to fruux but as you mention the contacts don’t sync but the calendar does. @pvs What is the path you entered for the addressbook?

Hi, after setting up fruux the addressbook url wasn’t filled out in the advanced accoount settings. I put the correct url in place /addressbooks/[userid]/[addressbookid]/ (same as in my davx on android), but nothing happened. Only a day later the contacts started to sync withouth any other change. So for me it worked now.

@pvs the user ID is probably the same as the one for the calendar I guess. But where did you find the addressbook ID?
I have an XA2 device with Sailfish OS and Fruux works but has no Addressbook path set.

@pvs hey Peter, the contacts are all there. It just takes 24h.