From Lockscreen startet App runs without entering security code

I have installed the App Nightish (Storeman) on may xperia 10III (SfOS With this App you can for example, filter the color blue from the display because it prevents you from getting tired.

To make it more convenient, I added it to the lock screen pull-down menu. Starting this app from the lock-screen worked and my display color changed. My first reaction was: Cool it worked. Then I remember: The App runs but I don´t have entered my Security code :thinking:.

Is this a Security risk? Can other Apps run on this way too?

I thought the normal way is: Select App from the pull-down menu → enter Security code → App starts.

Which values have you set on Settings->Device Lock->Automatic Lock?

The Value is: No delay

Strange. Pay attention the next time you use the pull-down shortcut. Check before if the lock icon is present or not.

I checked it an the lock icon is already present.