Frenschreiber Unread Messages Broken on 4.5

I’m a regular use of Fernschreiber (thanks @WerkWolf for a great app!).

However, since upgrading to and then .18 the unread messages count on the application cover page always says zero, regardless of how many unread messages there actually are. Before 4.5 this count was always accurate.

Also, for chats that are not muted, notifications of new messages don’t always happen anymore - especially where there is more than one new message from the same person. I sometimes get the first but then not subsequent ones.

Does anybody else see either of these issues since upgrading to 4.5?

Fernschreiber is the only Messenger-App i use and it did work with on xz2 compact.
I’m using Fernschreiber 0.16 64 Bit Version.

It works fine for me also … In terms of sending and receiving messages. Its just the two issues above that are different for me now since 4.5. But I guess the cover page unread message count and notifications all work fine for you on 4.5?

Yes, that (notifications, cover-update and overall usage) was meant with “it did work”.

Hmm … Maybe I’ll uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that makes any difference.

Nope, makes no difference, still got the problems.

Maybe it helps to Cancel the active Telegram-Session on your Sailfish-Device with another Device or Telegram web.

Just tried … Sadly not. This is on my Xperia 10 III, so I think I’ll try it on my XA2 and see if the same thing happens.