[French] "Device" terminology change

Hello to all french translators! And obviously to all sailors!
First off, this is my first post here.I’m a happy user of Sailfish OS since the first Jolla. It’s been a few months (maybe years?) I try to help for french translation at each rounds, I hope I did not make too much mistakes.

Here is my question / suggestion: Official terminology for Device is “Périphérique” in french translation. (similary to the MS Windows translation for “device manager”, “gestionnaire des périphériques”).

It appears to be more accurate to use “Appareil” rather than “périphérique”, especially when the string is used in the context of the phone or tablet settings, not their peripherals.
I’ve noticed today that some change suggestions have been made in this way.

Is there any way to edit the terminology to make such a change?