Freenode 'hostile takeover'

It looks like it might be time to move to :

See details:

And some more background:


i’d prefer if everything moved to matrix TBH.


I’ll vote against. Matrix users can easily acess IRC, not the other way around.

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I’m also more of an irc person. I’m in the middle of a chat upgrade at work which may well go matrix, but even then, I’m building (using matterbridge) bridges so that xmpp and irc can interact with, well, whatever we implement (at the moment i can go to several rooms on xmpp<->mattermost<->matrix).

There are also a LOT of other forums on irc that are simply not matrix…

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While I am personally a fan of Matrix, I’m not sure if that move makes sense on short notice. Bridging from Matrix -> IRC works, but is simply not as nice as the other way around. On the other hand, I do like the Telegram <-> Matrix bridge more. While I use everything via Matrix nowadays, I think moving to libera may make more sense for now. (Btw, I’m Nico/Nico[m] on IRC)

In the future Matrix with the upcoming Spaces may be nicer for discoverability of other related Sailfish spaces, like sailfish-meeting, etc,


Agreed. It’s case of small steps first.

I wonder if I’m the only person on the planet that still uses pine.

Yeah, join us young, hip kids by switching to Chappa Alpine! Cool dudes like me are using it.

I thought SFOS was cool :slight_smile:

Skipped Alpine, ended with mutt :wink:

What? inotifyfs -> tail is good enough for me :wink: (crypto is a bit of a hassle).

Drama on freenode was since always, feenode was made out of drama.

lilo, the founder, pissed off all the original admins, they went and made their own network, oftc

Jumping on this drama and moving just because some people told you to do so is not very smart or mature. This entire drama won’t affect any of sfos channels at all as long as servers will keep running so there’s literally no point in moving just because there’s some drama

Hmm. Well, it happens that I’m acquainted with one of the persons. As to my intelligence or maturity, I will grant I may be overreacting. But I’m giving credence to the stories of the operators. You seem to be dismissive, because?

I have no time for drama. I also have no desire for my data to end up in a silo on that side of the pond ‘owned’ by whomever.

So what is the superior information you have on offer? I’m very seriously thinking of putting money into this since enough people express a desire to go in a direction like matrix (e2e crypto is nice) and I now have enough means to support the bridges.

Some drama. Hmmm. The world is full of drama currently which keeps me from crossing borders, is keeping some people in bomb shelters and is absconding by means of not-so-subtle trojans encrypting …etc, etc. What is it your trying say, other than that I’m immature.

Back. to work.


IRC data is public anyway come on…

I don’t really know what you want from me. I’m a person who runs most everything in the clear. So, it’s not hard to figure out who I am. That is not the point. This is clearly a power grab that merits thinking about moving to another service. man.

I say we don’t change anything because there’s no point to float on drama

It’s not drama. Even if it is dramatic. It is one person abusing ownership of a domain to wrest control from the others. I’ve seen it before. I’m leaving freenode one way or another.

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Floating. On. Drama. The only person floating on drama here, is you. You continue to accost me (why, other than drama?). I have no flesh in the game, I just don’t trust the current operator. The reasons are legion. You have given not ONE iota of concrete information.

The information as to what is going on is public. Everyone can decide for themselves.