Freenode dropped most if not all users. We need a new service

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): All.
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): All.
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): NO


Sometime yesterday freenode dropped the user database:
-keitwo- [Global Notice 3/3] When you connect, register your nickname and your channel and get started. It’s a new world. We’re so happy to welcome you and the millions of others. We will be posting more information in the coming days on our website and twitter. Otherwise, see you on the other side!

Which left us with no account and scrambling. #sailfishos just disappeared. #sailfishos-porters is there, it appears.

We need someone to make a decision about this. I am no alone in not wanting to try to keep up with freenode antics.


have had a channel on freenode.
have had an account on freenode.


  1. Try to login to freenode.
  2. Fail
  3. Try to join channel
  4. Fail


be myself in the #sailfisos- channels.




The channels already exist on OFTC and Libera. Most people, however, have already jumped to libera.


Yeah, we really should just move on libera immediately. freenode is deader than disco and we should leave it burn alone


May be you have missed the news, but there was a mean take over after which everybody left freenode.
AFAIK Sailfish moved to this forum and officially announced they are out of the freenode and probably irc

I don’t think thats true at all, noone from #sailfishos-porters is here or would make super slow talk over forums to get help, it needs chat

and the fact that everyone left freenode is also false. Both #sailfishos and #sailfishos-porters were pretty active (correct me if i’m worng but #sailfishos-meeting too prably) untill today where freenode resetted everything

Well, there are currently 55 users in #sailfishos on libera. Even though sfos might not have an official irc channel we are there for some quick help and it would be great if someone from sailfish os team could register the channel and give it a proper topic. Freenode is dead and will not recover. We have moved on.

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Considering that official meetings still happen on IRC, I’d say this is wrong. IRC has for a long time been complementary to JollaTogether or now the Forum.

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OK, thank I must be mistaken. So Sailfish still works on the freenode or moved to libera?
Some time ago it was “all over the news” that hostile take over of freenode forced the most to leave.

most sailfishos-porters are still ‘only’ on freenode. I’ve communicated into that channel but everyone is busy. this is going to take time.

they dropped all user accounts. so, if you’ve automated your client, you’ll get there and might not notice that this is:

  1. no op,
  2. you’re not logged in
  3. your nick is just yours by chance.

Yeah, IRC is really the place to go for a conversation. I often feel I’m posting ‘too much’ to forum that would be better asked in IRC.

I posted this as a bug since:

  1. Sailfish uses it as an official channel
  2. This channel has dumped my credentials out the window. without notice.

TBH i don’t quite get the love for IRC -other than nostalgia maybe and habit-. After using matrix going back to IRC feels like going from a smartphone back to those old round dial phones.


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Sigh, I’m debugging matrix connections at the moment and have to say, I really don’t like it. The only half decent client, gomuks, is only partially complete. Mirage on linux is ok, but doesn’t support any slash commands. The multi-device cross signing stuff is too complicated for most of my users and they just happily veryify via emoji. I see men in the middle everywhere.

It has nothing to do with nostalgia. it’s usability pure. The only reason it’s running in my org is because of double ratchet for group chats. I’ve now spent so much time in support, I believe I should just have worked on an ios client for xmpp instead. sadly it’s too late. Oh, and I have users who refuse to use graphical clients OR gomuks who are now excluded. run over by ‘progress’.

errrg. sorry turn off rant mode.

EDIT: still, if there was a consensus, I’d switch to matrix. I wouldn’t like it, but so what.

More people are now moving to liberachat

It’s still a bit thin but I cant’ currently connect to freenode at all. so it might be a moot point. yesterday evening there were over 70 nicks in the porters room and on libera there are 22. at least mal and lbt are there, but piggz isn’t. sniff, sniff.

Some of the ‘old guard’ had mentioned OFTC which I mentioned in the other thread to this subject. Although I kinda got the ball rolling, It’s not a bad idea if we all think about this. OFTC has a very solid governance model and has been around a long time. Just to mention it again since a couple of people like martyone are ‘only’ on OFTC at the moment.

You can’t connect to legacy freenode anymore, once their connection drops they will all be left without anything

OFTC is like libera from previous freenode drama so same thing really

The solution is contained here:

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