Free Jolla C to help app developer


I have Jolla C sitting on the shelf not being used and I’d like to donate it to someone that wants to do, or continue, developing apps for SailfishOS but needs a device to test and develop on. It’s been well used but is in good condition and everything works. Battery is ok, no damage to the screen and could probably be used as a daily driver still. Original packaging and a sleeve included. Posting from the UK.

Feel free to nominate others if you can think of someone.

I did play around at app development but nothing much came from it and I no longer have time, still sailing though with a shiny new 10 II. I also have a Jolla tablet that will be on eBay later this week.


Wow! That’s generous considering that this is a rare collectible :+1:

Sadly, I lost my Aquafish (flashed as Jolla C) to crime (like one N900 before and Xperia 10 Plus after that) but I still have an Xperia X sitting in a drawer. Should there be a developer somewhere in desperate need of a SFOS device I’m happy to help. Unfortunately the license is tied to my Jolla account so you have to either buy a new one if you need Android or live with using my account.

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I would love to have it even paying something for it. My intention is to program native apps for older devices such as telegram app and others. Thanks

I’m interested in both, but not necessarily for further development of apps, but more for home automation purposes, realistically, the tablet is most desirable of the two.

Hi @Tobi , so did you want it for app development or just commenting. If not, it goes to @deutch1976 .

My tablet is on Ebay. Jolla tablet | eBay

I’m sad to see my Jolla devices go but also to see them sit not being used. I’m keeping my First One though.

Hi there. I tried to use my Jolla 1 for coding but it is getting a bit old and each time it gets an error i have to restart from Sailfish 1. Thanks

I do not want it. I have one for myself. I’ve just expressed my joy about your generous offer :wink: