Free chatgpt at chevrolet

In case anyone wants to see what all the hubbub is about

Edit: That’s a weird bug, fourth image non-clickable even after discourse localizing, oh well

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I usually use

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This is really funny. I wonder what you would have got when asking for cars from other manufactorers, or something like why is Ford better than chevrolet.


Bing ChatGPT4 works on Opera (Chromium) desktop browser now. It’s a better search than Google and, since upgrading to v4, is probably pretty good at coding. This is the URL I use:

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I’m always amazed at this statement, it’s ‘better’ if you can tell when it’s hallucinating, which means you need to know the answer before asking any question, the recent example of guy going on a wild goose chase after nonexistent method that lead him to a github issue about same hallucinated method is just perfect example

Unfortunately, your response indicates you’ve never used Bing AI.

Bing AI outputs information in a similar format to a section on Wikipedia. It often uses the same language as its sources, it cites its source immediately and you can see the URLs at the bottom to easily see if they’re from reliable sites or not.

When it first came out, I checked the URLs a lot. Now I only check the non-reliable ones.

So yes, it’s a vastly superior search than Google, at least if your time is important to you.

However, it doesn’t work on either the SF browser or my Opera Android browser. I’d guess it’s doing browser sniffing.

Indeed, and all screenshots of chatgpt also don’t have links, not really sure how that would work if it’s (in your mind) combining multiple stack overflow answers, rather than just parroting what it thinks fits best, does it include 1/2 links and 1/3 links too? People assume it’s thinking and it’s funny asf when you get

As your diet suggestion, oh shit, there was no stackoverflow article to copy?
Edit: but really no idea about bing, M$ is for me like googol, maybe they prompt it to include links, but they might as well be made up, so who cares really, chatgpt makes up things all the time, so, is the link dead or did it never exist and just sounds proper for a parrot?

I was curious too so I asked it. Bing AI, whilst not of course being self-aware, has been trained what to say about it’s training.

It creates questions for a (custom?) version of Bing Search that returns summaries. Bing AI then uses these summaries to construct its answer. Its answer tends towards 1 summary and may only source 1 but you can ask it for its other sources & summaries.

Here’s an example of both its strengths and its weakness:

Note that ICF cannot be harnessed and isn’t planned to be. It’s essentially a bomb. The Bing search semi-failed.

It also made no reference to perhaps the most promising technology,
so I specifically asked it about it.

I’ve never seen it plug Microsoft before and that may be a function of Bing Search bias.