Forward SMS to Android-Apps

Is it somehow possible to access the Android-API in AD to forward an SMS (registration code) to a dedicated android app, maybe even manually?
The O2 voicemail service sends notifications through xml-sms.
If it was possible to forward such sms to the voicemail app manually/by hand, it would probably also be possible to do it automatically, e.g. script a little watchdog which filters sms from 9911 abd forwards them to the api…
Or is it no possible to access the sms api at all?

If you are using 8.1 AD, Android apps don’t have access to SMS data as well as SMS API.

Yes, I’m on XA2/8.1. IIs there not even a command line api to simply forward/virtually, copy, an sms to the ad services?

You should be able to use the dbus api provided by aliendalvik-control and send the intent android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED

I did something like this for another similar use case:
dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.coderus.aliendalvikcontrol / org.coderus.aliendalvikcontrol.componentActivity "string:com.someappmaker.someapp" "string:" "string:someurlwithsomestuff"

But right now my brain isn’t cooperating on remembering if this is a pure intent, or some other variety of Android event.

Some more info on the Andoid side of what you want:

Including a lead to some possible demo app that might already be able to do it… but maybe that is old info.

Forwarding selected incoming SMSes would be a pretty neat aliendalvik-control feature, come to think of it. Maybe poke coderus when you have a PoC and it can get integrated?