Forum login not possible

Yesterday, I logged in to the forum through the jolla browser on my new Sailfish phone. Now I got to the forum again to see that I was logged out. It seems, the browser can not remember the login for as long as chrome can.
However, when I now click on “Log In”, I quickly see the forum starting page flashing up and then a site is loaded with only the head bar and an error message. It reads as follows:
“Authorization timed out, or you have switched browsers. Please try again.”
The same repeats every time I try. I cannot even enter my data. I tried reloading, a new browser tab and restarting the browser but it did not help.
So does anyone have a hint for me, how I could get the forum running on my phone again?

Maybe something ran into a mess yesterday and left some evil in the browser history, try Browser - menu - settings - clear browser data, and try again.

Thanks for the hint. I hadn’t even found that option since the design is different from the rest of the OS.
However, it didn’t help me. After clearing browser data four times for different time frames and restarting the browser twice, the problem didn’t change…

Not a fix to the problem, but a way to get the forum running on your phone: you can find “SFOS Forum” application on Openrepos.

I can’t open downloads from there as it seems

Use Storeman to install applications from Openrepos.

Is there a way to completely reinstall browser by CLI? Deinstalling and reinstalling Browser by GUI is not available with GUI on app grid. No x appears at browser icon after long pressing app grid.

Check this out…

There is!
pkcon install --allow-reinstall sailfish-browser

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Thanks @eson , my question was meant to help @makeena

@makeena won’t you try to reinstall the browser, I strongly assume that then everything will work again. The command must be entered as devel-su.

So where should I try to type these commands? In a terminal on the computer? Or is there an interface in Sailfish?

Have you enabled developer mode? Then you should have a terminal amongst applications.

Yes @makeena this is a setting in ‘Developer Tools’, and you can also enable remote connection there and give a password.
Then you can establish a SSH connection from computer to the phone, what is more comfortable than typing commands on the tiny little screen.
But for the little command @eson gave to reinstall the browser, this is not necessary. It will work on the phone screen.

Thanks for all the hints.
However, with this short command it doesn’t change anything, also after a reboot. And trying to follow the linked instructions, it asks me for a password for the reboot command. But it doesn’t work with either my security code or my Sailfish account password.
So does anyone have more ideas on what to do?

So the linked method does not work since it is asking for a foreign password.
But now it works again, I don’t really know what happened. It worked after I tried out a second phone account.