Forgot second user password-unable to start device

Hi sailors !
I am using an Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual Sim. I have recently updated to SFOS 4.1 Kvarken. Data are encrypted. I have added a second user and I switched to this user. Then is switched off my device and restarted it. I know my initial password which is required by the encryption (black login screen). Now I need to insert the password/pin for my second user, but I forgot it. I know the password for my admin user, but I am unable to switch to that user upon restart of the device.

Is it possible to start the device with the admin user, for whom I know the password?

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Supposing that the phone is turned off and it has been used with the account of the additional user previously.

Do this:

  1. Turn the phone on.
  2. At the 1st security code dialogue, on the black background, type the security code of the primary user.
  3. When the 2nd security code dialogue appears, put your fingertip above the upper edge of the device and pull down the Top Menu.
  4. Tap the name of the additional user at the bottom part of the Top Menu. This makes also the device owner appear.
  5. Tap the name of the device owner. => “Switching to the device owner”
  6. Type the security code of the device owner.

Oh! Quite obvious. :smiley:

Top Menu is not available.

Screen requires "confirm with PIN (“Mit Sicherheitscode bestätigen”). No possibility to do anything else.

I have flashed my phone again with SFOS Kvarken. Maybe not the best solution, but worked for me. Reminds me that regular backups are essential!