no daily preview available in "14 days" (which worked a long time before)

Hi, tapping on the weather widget > open in app > more information > I got to a tab in browser:
If I choose 14 days, I can’t open a single day anymore for a detailed preview since some days. This seems to be bug, because I used this regularly before.
Any ideas, solutions?

This seems to be an issue regardless of the browser you use. Seems like Foreca themselves have broken something on the web site. I haven’t found any workaround.

Hello, xa2 here and foreca perfectly working :slight_smile: maybe is fixed?

Interesting… So you can open any of the 14 day forecasts on your device and you surely are using and nothing else? Asking since I can’t open that on any device and there seems to be no “link” when inspecting the single forecast element on the website. I’ve now tested Chrome on desktop, and both the native browser and Firefox on Xperia 10 III.

Yes, foreca dot mobi works flawlessly here also with 14 days, i’ll send you a screenshot once i get home :slight_smile:

Seems that they’ve now “fixed” it as I can reproduce. Maybe they tuned something exactly when I tested. Nevertheless, works for now.

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I contacted foreca.mobil, here the answer:
" Hello!

Thank you for letting us know, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

This issue should have been fixed today. Does everything work now as it should?

Best regards,

…, Foreca
So everything is ok again.

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