Forced passcode on device switch on

It’s nice to have the option to use a passcode when I switch on my phone.
I personally preferred not to have it and have a phone which boots all the way to the GUI when switched on.

I had to reinstall my phone to debug some of the bugs in the latest version of SailfishOS.
I was forced to use the new passcode on boot.
This feel like nasty user design - to decide that the phone now NEEDS user interaction just tio switch on, without asking the user if that’s what they want.


Do you mean lock screen code, or encryption code? Lock screen code can be disabled.

This has been asked before - and yes, even the encryption can be disabled (before first boot!).
Search and you shall find.

Your reply would be so much more helpful if you either explained how to do it or provided a link rather than saying “search and you shall find” Perhaps they have already searched and not found?

… and to boot into recovery mode: Using recovery to access the root and home file system -