Force applications into Sailjail

How would I use Sailjail to isolate a couple of key apps? I want to isolate Sailbook, Quickddit, Fernschreiber, and (when it works on 4.x) Whisperfish. How would I achieve this? I ask because there are a number of large changes from Firejail to Sailjail.

Hmm, I would assume taking a look into any jailed app.desktop file and mimic that behaviour (possibly adding another permission configuration)?

I don’t want those apps specifically to be able to “talk” to any other app… These apps weren’t made with Sailjail in mind, but I would love to see them working.

I found that I was able to "Log in as [Insert Username] from and I realized that I only ever signed into Facebook on Sailbook…

So this issue is rather concerning in my opinion.