For sale: Xperia 10 III (unopened box) EUR 279

I bought two of these from the Finnish Summer sale - a black one from Elisa and a blue one from DNA - to be sold (hopefully) to one or two forum members as the price was good and I already had one. Chargers are marked on the box as not included.

The price for one is EUR 279 if the buyer comes to get it from Tampere (there are cheap flights to and from Tampere-Pirkkala airport).

Another free or cheap option would be using traveling forum members as mules to get the phone from Tampere to its destination - could be a fun way to meet forum members.

Postage is a bit over EUR 20 for European countries but for the US it’s at least EUR 45,90.

I could also sell them flashed and more or less configured.

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I just have to ask, why did you buy the second one, if you already needed one? Not that I distrust you, I’m just curious .

Hmm, I thought I was doing two people a mid-size favor. Silly me.

I checked the cost to some locations:

  • Tampere: Helles Weissbier (mit Hefe) at Plevna (near Jolla HQ)
  • the Baltics EUR 10,90
  • Germany och Sverige 19,90
  • many EU countries 21,90

Outside EU, risk of Customs and VAT

  • UK 21,90

  • USA (UPS from Tampere; I used Evanston, IL 60201 for the destination): 28,75 (Expedited), 32,75 (Express Saver)

I’ll buy one. I’ll be near Tampere at least Tue and Wed next week.

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Great! I live in Hervanta but I do 30 kilometer bike rides.

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I’d be interested in buying the second! This would become my new daily driver, so if I could still pick colors, I’d go with the black one :smiley:

Also, I would need it to be shipped to Italy, I’ll be nowhere near Finland for the foreseeable future, but I’ll gladly pay for shipping (tracked/insured shipment would be best).

Send me a direct message at your best convenience :slight_smile:

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Check your messages :slight_smile:

Regular mail (3-7 working days) to Italy is EUR 21,90, EMS (1-3 working days) is 39,90.

Hi,I’m interested in buying, still available?Thanks

Both sold, sorry. The next sale is probably in November.

I just visited an Elisa shop asking for a special price and it was 449!

Hi, it’s look’s I’m bit late this time, It’s hard to get one with Sailfish OS in UK, let me know when you gonna have one for sale can be used Xperia iii don’t have to be new.Thanks

I just bougth mine yesterday from Gigantti at 279€. Elisa sold only black color version.

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I can buy one on eBay , but I didn’t know how to install Sailfish os on it.

There’s excellent instructions here.

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It’s to complicated for me ….thanks.I’m gonna watch ebay maybe one day I gonna find one with Sailfish already installed .

Gigantti and Elisa are selling at 279 again - a combined Back to school and Tax refunds sale.

Why don’t you make an offer here knowing that anyone in Finland can buy one for EUR 279 and Jolla has a Summer sale on Sailfish.

If I installed Sailfish for someone else, I’d prefer doing it remotely (ssh, VNC, TeamViewer…) - for starters, I can’t test someone else’s SIM card.

Is it possible for foreigner from Slovenia to buy from Gigantti? My Jolla C is dying and need replacement before last breath.

OTOH, I gladly make an offer to some Finn to help me with purchase :slight_smile:

Three phones sent and arrived safely, one left. I will be in Oulu on Thursday and Friday.

Sorry for the late response, but unfortunately Gigantti offers shipping to Finland only. I’m sure someone will be able place an order for you, when the sale for Xperia 10 III is back on. I live 500 meters away from a Gigantti store, so you can send me a private message, if you are looking for a new SFOS supported device.

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Hi there.

I would like to buy the Xperia 10 iii. Where can I send you the address for shipping to EU?

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