[For sale] Xperia 10 iii (Reduced price) (Denmark, Europe) [sold]

UPDATE: Item has been sold

I’m selling this blue Sony Xperia 10 iii for a friend. It’s a blue model with a white sim card tray and a black bumper cover is included.

Asking price 100€

The front and black glasses are both cracked and the middle has some cosmetic scratches to it hence the reduced price, however it has not sharp surfaces, the camera lenses are without any cracks and the phone can used without any issues.

So if you fancy a spare phone for testing, development, for parts for have some spare parts laying around to repair it this is a good option for you.

I’ll prefer to ship within the EU and are accepting payment via PayPal.

Currently SailfishOS is installed with Android 11 as the base (most optimal installation). It has only been setup with English and a basic lock code hence the phone can be used without the need for reflash.

If you want me to install another Android version on it (11/13) and relock the bootloader I can assist with that.

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is it still available? What is the condition of the battery ?

Yes it is still available. The battery is in pretty good condition meaning it will last 1-2 days doing normal use.