Foil Auth Backup and two Device use

Where to Backup the Database of Foil Auth, which path?

Is it possible to install Foil Auth on my seconds Sailfish Device with the same Accounts (Taken from the first one)?

Yes it’s doable, you need to copy ~/.local/share/foil/foil.key (the RSA key) and ~/Documents/FoilAuth/ folder (containing your tokens). Those paths are listed in [X-HarbourBackup] section of harbour-foilauth.desktop

Note that ~/.local/share/foil/foil.key file is shared by all Foil apps (Foil Notes, Foil Pics and Foil Auth) meaning that if you use several apps you better migrate them all at the same time.


Very helpful information, thank you slava and for your Efforts.

Forgot to mention that it’s easy enough to move tokens between devices by displaying their QR codes on one device and scanning them with another. There’s even a bulk sharing function (Select → Select All → QR code share button) but I don’t think I implemented bulk import yet…