FM-radio Xperia XA2

Will it ever be possible to use the FM-radio on the Xperia XA2?

Why is there no FM radio choice in the media player?

I know this has been brought up at together for Jolla but it would be a neat thing to have access to.

/Martin Book


I am also waiting for FM Radio Support. For Sony XA2 AND Xperia X.
What is the problem to implement this feature? Even the Aqua Fish had or have
still radio support.


May be have a look on this thread ?

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I know, but it is an old thread on the old forum. There is no thread about this in the current Sailfish Forum, that is why I posted it here.


Fully understandable.
And just due to the mistake of @Jolla to open this forum not having prepared the transfer of old entres from TJC.
See this (and links):

Thank you for pointing that out. I should have read those first posts on the forum to know how to behave.

However, the post on the old forum is one year old and so are most comments.

I felt that the topic needed an updated post so as to make Jolla understand that we still want all the hardware functioning properly. There aren’t really any answers to the topic question either; only comments about how others want it, too, and someone saying it cannot be done on the Xperia X.

Just realized that there is a text under the title saying that Jolla is following the post.