Flatpaks for Chromium, Firefox

Hey there. I want to install Chromium webbrowser or Firefox as flatpak application, because I have no android support. But there’s no repo to install.
I can’t image, that Flaktpaks are device specific? Has anyone got firefox or chromium to run?

I haven’t gotten into Flatpak yet, but Linux desktop via Containers works well…


I think I’d start here:

EDIT and searching here :slight_smile:

Did I understand this right? Could you install a desktop linux on the SFOS phone and make it work? If yes, how did you do this? I’m highly interested!

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kind of a long story, but main thread is here - Full linux distros on Sailfish OS - maemo.org - Talk App hasn’t been updated for a while, so it takes a bit of finagling, depending on which phone/version you’re using, but basically:

  • install needed apps
  • Download and set up linux desktop files
  • Open an Xwayland window
  • run desktop script

See what you can figure out from the thread and github pages, and let me know your phone/version, and I can help…

Thanx to all Your answers. I did not run a Linux Distro on Sailfish, beacuse I like SFOS very much and won’t change. Sadely the available browser apps are a kind of buggy for some websites, wich I really need. So it would be nice, that some OSS browsers will be availabe in future. I only installed flatpak und flatpak runner (thanx for this amazing port!) an installed flatpak apps via shell. Angelfish works well. KDE flatpaks apps are problematic, 'cause of the screen management. My question was, if there is a flatpak package für chromium or firefox. On a linux box the flatpak packages work well. So I thought, flatpak apps are distro specific.

We have very old QtWayland composer. As a result, you cannot run firefox and chromium via flatpaks.