Flashing Xperia X

Hi all. I need an advice.
I have my Xperia X few years now with SFOS.
I once reset to factory defaults, but SFOS has downgraded to first version I flashed few years ago and then I had to update maybe 6 versions up to have current one. How can I flash my favourite version?
purpose is that when I will have to factory reset sometimes in the future, I want to avoid updating through X versions until my favourite is installed.

this is one thing that i also don’t like. I remember that Jolla was talking of stop releases, what i understood as in case of a reset, this will be the version you fall back to. But at least for me, i am always falling back to the version i onced installed on the device and that is also stored on the device. You could flash your device with a newer version but that a bit more tricky then installing 6 SFOS releases :slight_smile:

That is not correct. Stop releases are the only releases you must use for updates to back to latest. You fall back to ‘once installed’ because “reset to factory defaults” uses image from recovery partition that is created only during flashing device.
How to flash favourite version? Simple flash your favourite version every time you want to reset your device.