Flashing Xperia 10 doesnot work


I tried to flash my new Xperia 10, after my Xperia X crashed to the floor and isn’t working properly any more. But in the step 8 in the installing instructions How to install Sailfish X on Xperia™ 10 on Linux - Jolla, when I try “sudo bash ./flash.sh”

it only says:

“Detected Linux
Searching device to flash…
Found I3113, serial:CQ3001K2C6, baseband:1318-6122_53.0.A.2.139, bootloader:1310-0301_X_Boot_SDM630_LA3.0_P_28
No valid devices found.”

Do you have any hints, what I do wrong? I checked several times the steps, I did before, everything seems fine and all steps before 8.4 have worked.

Thank you!

Sorry, I solved it. I downloaded the images for the wrong device.