Flashing sailfish to xperia 10 iii problem

I bought the sailfish x and have been following the guide on How to install Sailfish X on Xperia™ 10 III on Windows - Jolla. However when I got to the point about unlocking the bootloader, cmd tells me that fastboot is not recognized as a command. I did what the guide told me to do with the drivers and selected them manually and it showed up as it said in the guide after that. I tried this with windows 10 on a VirtualBox, and also on windows 11 on my main machine to no avail.

Seems like fastboot.exe is not in the ssme folder where you execute the unlock command. Does ‘dir’ show fastboot.exe?

OK I got it to work. I had the files in a subfolder. But now I am facing another problem. I unlocked the bootloader, booted up the phone up until the start screen, and turned it off. Now when I connect the phone to the usb while pressing the volume up, windows 11 tells me that it does not recognize the latest device and that there’s an error. And my virtualbox does not see the phone at all anymore

Seems like a driver issue for me. Does the phone work normally?

The led is blue for me, but it’s still saying it is not recognized. Before unlocking bootloader it recognized it just fine and I could do all the things up until now

I would boot and shut down the phone. If this does not work, i would try to reinstall the fastboot drivers.

Managed to get it working, all problems were due to faulty usb ports i’m guessing

This is a known error. Just press and hold both volume buttons and the power button at the same time until the phone vibrates three times and turns off.