Fixed thumbnails for Gallery app?

Currently the Gallery app shows on its first page, the one where there are the categories Photos, Videos, Screenshots, Android Storage, Nextcloud, etc. a rotating carousel of the available thumbnails for each image category.
Is it possible to select or force a static image/thumbnail in place of that carousel, e.g. pick an existing thumbnail to work as static ‘cover’ for the whole category category, or place a specially named image with that function?


There’s no support for forcing a specific image for categories. Out of curiosity why would you want such?

I hate “dynamic” screens.
If a visual cue is offered, it has to be the same, every time, all the time.


I understand this very well.

But it’s the Gallery app’s purpose to reflect an ever changing (growing) collection of media.

I’m sure one or two native apps that are less “dynamic” exist.

Try ImgOrganizer. No video, but very good photo viewer/organizer.

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I found a way to pause the slideshow but was unable to find a way to fix a chosen image. IF the OP is interested, I will paste up my findings.

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Yes please, it would be interesting.
Also, any idea what is the starting point for the slideshow?

Well, I only found one file to edit, I played quite extensively but was unable to determine anything but stopping the slideshow aspect.

As it is based on ListViewQML, each item is indexed and the index starts at 0 (zero). I tried many different ways but did not come to any conclusion.

The file is found at

devel-su nano /usr/share/jolla-gallery/pages/GalleryMediaIcon.qml

Line 12 which looks like this;

onTimerTriggered: slideShow.currentIndex = (slideShow.currentIndex + 1) % galleryCount

Simply put 2 forward slashes in front of this line to look like this;

//onTimerTriggered: slideShow.currentIndex = (slideShow.currentIndex + 1) % galleryCount

No need for restarting lipstick, simply close the Gallery app and open again from launcher icon.