[Fixed]Servers down? Newly installed Sailfish OS 4.4.068 paid license - Cannot install ANY app

Hi everyone,
I just got started with Sailfish and installed it on a XA2. The OS works well and all the standard apps which are also available in the free version are installed and work.

My problem is that in the newly installed (payed) version I´m unable to install ANY app via the Jolla Store. All I get is an error notification that the app could not be installed and another notification that there is a problem with the store. I had a look at the settings but couldn’t find anything specific.

Thanks in advance

If you haven’t already tried restarting, do so.
Can you enable developer mode? (i seem to recall that too needs to install packages)
If so, try devel-su pkcon refresh

Also note that there is no difference between the “versions” beyond what you get access to in store and in-gui updates. The flashable image is the same, so it is more of an account thing.

Hi & Thank you for the lightning fast reply.

I have tried dev mode and enabled untrusted software. No success. Is there maybe an issue with not having a SIM card inserted? As I’m currently in the UK geo block shouldn’t be an issue either.


You are skipping past the important things i said!
Have you restarted?
Can you try the command i gave?

Enabling developer mode in and of it self will not help, neither will untrusted software or a SIM card.

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OK I restarted and used the command. Software list is refreshed.
But unfortunately I still cannot install apps. Just tied to install Zollstock.

Is there anything else I could do?

Hmm, strange.
Contacting support would probably be the next step.
I was going to suggest you try and clear the package cache with sailfish-utilities in settings, but you’d have to install it from Store first, so i guess that’s a no-go.
So here is what that would do behind the scenes, try at your own accord if you feel brave:

Maybe worth a try: Delete the Jolla account and reboot. After reboot, create a new Jolla account with your existing credentials.
Once, after an update, i had the same problem and this way the Jolla shop access came back.

Have to say, this is a great community here. I’ll try both solutions tomorrow after work.
Big thank you guys!

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I’m having the same issue. I installed SFOS on a new phone, when logging into my account I noticed the email was outdated. I changed it and logged. I never got an email confirmation and cannot install any app from the store on a clean install.

In? Out? Both?

Did you try any of the previous suggestions?
If it still isn’t working there could be something iffy with the servers, so contact support.

I flashed the new version on my Xperia 10, also paid license and am having a very similar issue. I was able to install only some apps, Multimedia, Calendar, Calc. But everything else doesn’t work, no 3rd party apps, android support, or file browser can be installed, seems like a repository issue because trying to download aliendalvik from terminal returned that the package wasn’t found. Also tried the suggested solution of removing Jolla account, rebooting and signing in again without success.

I can confirm that deleting the account, rebooting and adding the account again does not help.

PS: I am only on (community port for FP2), so I think this is unrelated to the version but rather to the repository or user database. As I mentioned before, I did change my email-address (and password).

Hmm, seems i can’t install anything either… so must be a backend thing. Hopefully Jolla will have it sorted soon, or at least tomorrow.

Sorry, missed this one. I logged in (using my username) on my computer (to make sure I remember the password without trying on a tiny touch-screen), saw the outdated email, changed it, clicked safe, used the same username/password to log into the brand new install on my phone and ran into the issue. Meanwhile, I have deleted the account on the phone, rebooted the phone, changed the password via my computer and logged in via username and the new password on my phone again. Still cannot install apps.

What is the appropriate channel to follow the development of this issue and maybe raise awareness at Jolla regarding its spread?

This thread is pretty good… I made an educated guess on who to poke on IRC, and did so.
I’ll spice up the topic.

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This was indeed a server side issue, which should be fixed now. There might be few short breaks coming as some things still need tweaking. Sorry for inconvenience.


Thank you, I can confirm 3rd party apps and file browser download now. However, android app support and aptoide still failing with same error, will try again in an hour and inform back

Works for me as well. Thank you for the fast fix.

I recommend Aurora Store for Android programs, it has the advantages of the Play store without being the Play store.