Firefox Sync support in the browser

… as the title suggests. It would be super handy to have.


Even Jolla could implement its own synchronization instance


AFAI understand the firefox instance is pretty much safe since the data are encrypted decrypted on the device. So i don’t see a need for Jolla to run its own.


The firefox instance?

The server or whatever firefox uses to sync.

I think the OPs request was about support for using it in the browser. Like in the firefox browser. I rely on it a lot syncing with 3 devices. Just the other day my Firefox settings got corrupted on my laptop, and all I had to do was to sync instead of using endless time trying to remember all settings, plugins, bookmarks etc.

Do you know that everyone can run a Firefox Sync server? The magic of Opensource software.
That’s what Juanro49 suggested, as an addition to what OP requested, not a solution.

Personally I think it would be great if Jolla ran its own, but I don’t know how that would jibe with people’s existing sync profiles.

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