Firefox preferences (about:config and prefs.js)


I am using Firefox mobile and I would like to change some preferences in the about:config. However, when trying to access “about:config” I get a white page and trying to search for the prefs.js (that should contain the settings) gives me a single result for the native browser.

Is there a way to access there preferences anyhow?



If you’re using the ‘new’ Firefox mobile (aka Fenix, i.e version > 68) you can’t access about:config on the Release channel version. It’s deliberately disabled. I don’t know about prefs.js - I’ve never looked.

You can do it on the Nightly release (I use it) - which will also run any addon.

You can also do it in v68 (aka Fennec).

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Thank you for that information, I did not know that.

Where do you get the nightly version from? This:

Or another source?


I’m using FFUpdater from F-Droid for installing/updating Firefox and it’s variants.