Firefox file picker does not work

When picking a file from the OS on a website (eg attaching a file on Mastodon or Twitter) the android file picker is launched but once you’ve chosen a file or files all you can do is close the picker, launch the android gallery, or share to some other application.

None of the available actions seem to result in the chosen file being handed back to firefox - unless I’m missing something.

I don’t have this problem. I tried uploading a file to Nextcloud, the Android File Picker launched and I clicked on a file which then automatically closed the File Picker and went back to Firefox.

What exactly happens when you click on a file to select it?

It gains a blue border to indicate it has been selected. But There don’t appear to be any actions or widgets that result in the file selction completing successfully.

I can:

  • Close the picker (return to firefox without a file being chosen)
  • Hit the “share” icon (lists various messaging apps, email, MMS etc as possible end points)
  • Unselect the file or select more files

I don’t really understand - are you getting a different File Picker UI than I do?
I get this UI when uploading a file to e. g. Nextcloud. Clicking on a file goes back to Firefox and uploads it correctly.

Can you maybe show me a screenshot of how this looks on your device?

Like this: The image is selected. If I hit the “back” triangle at the bottom, it is deselected. Hitting the x at the top left also deselects. Closing the picker just returns me to firefox. The share icon lets me pick things like Signal or MMS to send the image via. The Three Dots menu at the top right lets me have “Open with”, “Sort By”, “Select All”, “Move To”, “Copy to”, and “Get Info”.

Is this perhaps that the page instructs the browser to show a multi-select dialog for example? Or is it a general problem? How does one usually accept a multi-select dialog on Android? X and “back” will of course not mean accept.

Edit: On Firefox Focus version 100 i have a “select” button at the top right. And to select multiple i even have to long-press the files. Regular taps work line single-select.

Someone made a test fiddle… Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Behaves the same on that jsfiddle (with or without multiple="").

This seems to have been fixed in a recent firefox beta version.