[Finnish] Translation coordinator

As discussed in the Community meeting today, there was a call for a Finnish coordinator and I decided to volunteer.

I haven’t been participating in Finnish (nor English) translations, since I assumed them to be well covered already. I have been translating my own applications to Finnish and English for a long time, and in my job I’ve been an acting translator several times. At some point after having joined the project I assumed the role of the the Finnish translator of Whisperfish and while it was translated at that point already, currently about a third of it done by me (if my math is correct), along with some new English translations. I’ve also translated some other Sailfish apps to Finnish too. I’m a native Finn, and as a software developer I’m familiar with the terminology. I also believe I can keep the text “non-technical” to keep it accessible.

So, I’d like to be a Finnish coordinator. Maintaining the excellent quality of the Finnish translation with other translators feels like a good way to contribute!


Good man, get him on board and up and running. I think there should be suggestions in for everything still waiting to be translated for Finnish (98 % done currently). Feel free to be brutal with mine if something seems not to work for one reason or another.


Thank you so much for volunteering @direc85 . You now have the rights to submit translations and review the suggestions for Finnish language.