Fingerprint permissions

Not sure if this would be better at bug or request. More a question at first:

Why are there no fingerprint settings available to allow or disallow fingerprint for the android apps? E. g. if I check my bank app, it does ask for fingerprint it says in my app store and when I check in the permissions window from the installed app, there is only camera and location. What about the fingerprint and all the others like memory, contacts etc.?
What happens now, does the app use my fingerprint if it is not mentioned there or not? The app probably trys to.
Is this a bug or why isn’t it cleared there?

Please search before posting. It is not just a permission thing.

I did search but found nothing. fingerprint topis are just about that it does not work etc. but I have not seen one about the permissions. Please show me the right topic.

It is not a permission thing.
“fingerprint android” gives several hits; i don’t know which is the thread.

You can allow Android acces to your contacts.

See step 5 here:

In Sailfish X phones, Android is isolated from the rest of the smartphone (it runs in a container. Aliendalvik looks roughly similar to Docker and relies on LXC), and thus it cannot talk directly to the hardware.

In the case of fingerprints, there’s nothing that forwards fingerprints from the GNU/Linux side running on your phone and translate it to whatever API Android expects inside its container(*).

So from the point of view of apps, they are running on a phone that doesn’t feature a finger print sensors.

When you use your fingerprint, the only information relayed into android is a signal that the phone got unlocked, the app don’t know this happens to have been performed by a fingerprint.

(*): that DOES happen currently with audio stream (so Sailfish handles Bluetooh audio, and it show ups as a standrad audio out to android) and input devices (Sailfish handles bluetooth keyboard, and they show ups as a standard input to android), but nothing similar exist for fingerprint outside of the standard “phone got unlocked” signalr.

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