Files not getting stored? ... Picross 2 and possibly other apps as well reset back to a blank slate

Why is it that my progress (solved puzzles) resets back to zero after closing the app and relaunching it at a later time? I remember this was not the case on the original Jolla. I am currently using Sony Xperia 10 III with a purchased Sailfish. What else do you need to know?

Picross 2 is an app from the Jolla store, developed and published by “direc” … is this you @direc85 ?

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It’s mentioned in the comments on app page. Has to do with sailjail… I wonder if it’s a file that is not getting auto-created that you could manually create…

It’s a known issue with new installs. I’ll try to take the time to fix it later today. Thanks for pinging, though :slight_smile:

Thank you for not taking offense. I am new to all of this and I still don’t know what protocol says at times : )

I’m afraid I don’t know what that is but good to know : ) and I wouldn’t know yet how to even go about a thing like that @Levone1

And it’s fixed, compiled, updated to OpenRepos, queued to Jolla Store, and GitHub repo is again up-to-date (git shenanigans)!

I am the same direc, but I created my Jolla account without the numbers. Why? I wish I knew :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s nothing wrong or bad about politely asking about a problem! Furthermore, I noticed the issue a few days back on my Xperia 10 III - congrats on your device of choice btw - but I just hadn’t had the time to fix it up yet. But now it’s done :slight_smile:

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