Fileman application

Thank you @rudi1970 for the new version of Fileman. I did try making/remodelling an older version, but soon realised it was beyond me. Now I can search and edit files on the move without using a 3rd party editor just for editing.

Ok that would be cool thanks!

EDIT: It’s back from some time, as i have been away from Sailfish OS also for some time but now i’m back :wink:


I gave it a try.


  • It feels very fast/snappy.
  • Picture-Caching is a good feature.
  • Edit Text-Files very good feature!

The Pulley-Menu Texts are not translated yet (German)

I will use and test it as main File-App and report further.
This smells like a Coffee/Beer for rudi1970.

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Very nice, but what about armv7hl users? :stuck_out_tongue:


you can use the successor which is nanofiles :stuck_out_tongue:

much love to @rudi1970 either way :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks you for this nice words ! :grinning:

Thanks i do my best to make it better and better :wink:

Edit: If you like you can help with the translation on Github. :wink:

I will see i would compile it today for this users ! :wink:

Edit: It’s on OpenRepos now, but i could not test it myself !


It force me to fork it in order to edit it.


You got an E-Mail. I filled in the missing Parts of the Translation and put here and there some small corrections/improvements.

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Ok thanks i send you already an email back :wink:


As you will have noticed, Fileman has been removed from Openrepos, for the reason that I am now working with Michael, the coder of Nanofiles. Nanofiles is based on Fileman, and so it seemed a bit unnecessary to us to offer almost two of the same file managers. .

For Nanofiles translations it is now also possible via POEditor.

link: Nanofiles - POEditor translation management system


Yep, since Rudi helped me with nanofiles because he was dropping fileman, nanofiles is natural successor :stuck_out_tongue:

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.+ file viewer & editor, then its golden.
Thank you guys.
I believe if developers collaborate more, as you’re doing now, we could have more mature and polished apps, instead of numerous rudimentary forks and iterations that often get dropped or discontinued.


The editor would be comming asap…


What’s wrong with choice?, there are plenty of duplicates of other software.

@rudi1970 - will you be leaving the sources for Fileman on Github?


Yes the source would be still there, like i told Nanofiles would be almost the same app, but i could also following you into some way…