Filecase app doesnt work

after installing Filecase app from the storeman in my sony xa2 , when it opens the screen becomes white without any response.??

Uninstall it and forget it. The author Cepi Perez no longer uses Sailfish and left many years ago, so any apps by him, are well out of date. Shame, he was a really good app maker, very talented. He also emptied out his github account.

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damm. so what file app can I use to use OSM in pure maps??

There are a small number of file browsers available; there is;

File Browser from Jolla Store by Kari.

Fileman from Openrepos by rudi.timmermans

Filecat from Openrepos by llelectronics

I don’t guarantee that all of the above work with the latest SailfishOS version, but I am currently using Fileman with SFOS successfully.



Edz is right.
But if you really want filecase you may try this tweak which helped until 3.2.x.x (about 3.3 and 3.4 I cannot report yet).
I would recommend FileBrowserBeta from ychthiosaurus on openrepos.